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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Haidil Ridzuwan

I personally think that thinking is important to all human beings. People should use their brain for planning all kind of stuff. Brain is the source for human to thinks. Without a brain we are a mindless zombie without any ambition and emotionless person. It shows a hasty generalization to assume thinking is a waste of time. Although some of the statement is true. For example “doing without thinking though is just plain stupid”. Still, god (Allah) gives us brain to overcome all kind of stuff and to praise upon him for giving us a marvelous brain to think ourselves.

Nor Ilyana Asgarali

As for me, I don’t quite agree that thinking is a waste of time. This is because when we’re thinking at the same time we’re planning for the actions we take and without proper planning, the action is useless. By saying thinking is a waste of time show clear example of hasty generalization. But if you only thinking and there’s no action to it, it same like what Malay called it as “angan-angan mat jenin”. God gives us brain to think what is right and wrong and to go through our life on this earth as a caliph of His.

Lailatul Shafikah Farhana

For me, I don’t agree with the statement "thinking is a waste of time". Because when we’re thinking is a one of the perspective to solve the problems. As in the hadith of Ibn Abbas, the Prophet peace be upon him, saying "Fikirkanlah mengenai segala apa jua yang diciptakan Allah, tetapi janganlah kamu memikirkan tentang zat Allah” (Transmitted by Abu al-Sheikh). Based on this hadith shows that the Prophet Muhammad's itself encourages its followers to think, let alone us as servants should use common sense that Allah gave this to think and develop good ideas and thoughtful critical and creative and our mutual advantage among other human beings.

Syikin Hamidi

From my opinion, I am neither disagree or agree with the statement “thinking is a waste of time” because I think it totally depend on what we think about. If we think of trivial things which not related to reality, of course, it is waste of time. But if we try to think about our future or any long term plans, then I think, that cannot be categorized as waste of time. It can be very subjective because what is a waste for us may not be for the other people. So, it all depends on what we think about.

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