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Thursday, March 28, 2013


Faisal Abu Hanifah

I think you wrote this article only according to your opinion because you did not support your idea with any evidence or fact. Most of the statements that you wrote were just based on the story that was shared by a person who does not have the authority to make any statement which can be taken as reference. The validity of his story is also remained questionable. You should provide facts in order to support your idea. However, I gain something new that I never knew before from your article whilst it is fun and interesting to be read.

Opiey Hanan

Quite good to read sometimes for the article like this that actually have double meaning and have another message. The author trying to delivered the message to the reader and make reader coincidently think about the message critically. To me, me myself mostly like the word "EVOLUTION" compared "RESOLUTION". Resolution to me means we only take the way or solution that effected only for short term period. And resolution need to do stage by stage and taking a long time because we are in dilemma either the solution that we make is correct or wrong. That why we keep repeating, resoluting, resoluting and resoluting without any changes. However evolution is something that we totally confident and strongly believed that during the evolution, will lead to better changes. That why the evolution need to do in drastic and the probability to success is higher and the effect can stand for a long term period.That why we can see mostly men will completely changes when they make decision drastically to evolution themselves compared to women. Thank you.

Syah Izah

Greatly spoken, I love this article as it enhance readers to be an outrageous person. However, it is quite doubtful as there is the real disorder fallacy. Based on the statement “ Yang pasti, walaupun lelaki sebenarnya kurang ambil pusing tentang usia sendiri”, it is obviously the fallacy of a hasty generalization. I notice that, it is supposedly not all male is in the same situation of lacking to care on the present trend especially on being out-dated. As the author simply concludes the circumstances based on the small group of studies. So, no need to be hasty, but cool.

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